Monday, 21 November 2011


Last week I was lucky enough after a lull of a month to go out walking 4 times and 2 of those specifically for birding. A great time was had on each occasion. Each report will sadly be short but will contain a full sighting list. Unfortunately due to camera problems (mine is currently in Burton-on-Trent) my pictures are substandard, apologies for that. This is the last of the 4 reports, a walk with Alan and Wendy at Reculver on 19/11/2011

Kestrel - Olympus SP590UZ
We walked up to the Towers where some Rock Pipits were feeding with some Pied Wagtails on the sea wall, moving down to the Oyster Farm a Kestrel was sat on some metal work, but soon flew off. There was some life in the Oyster Farm, but it remained hidden, unlike the hundreds of Brent Geese that were in the fields behind. Cormorants occasionally flew over and there were plenty of Gulls at sea. I did spot something small and fast over the sea (auk like), but it landed out of sight before I could identify it. A couple of Shelduck were also well out at sea, whilst a young Mute Swan swam along nearer to shore.
Stonechat - Olympus SP590UZ
Past the Oyster Farm a small group of Stonechats were flying about, they hardly stopped for a moment, I only got one picture in focus; a Meadow Pipit also showed for a moment before flying off. In the distant fields a couple of Little Egrets flew around, whilst Oystercatchers and Redshanks occasionally flew up briefly from the shallows of sunken rivers. As we neared where the Snow Buntings had been seen a Grey Wagtail flew past, sadly no Snow Buntings. A small flock of Linnets were on the embankment of the sunken pond and some Redshank were in it, but little else seen.
Brent Geese - Olympus SP590UZ

Brent Geese - Courtesy of Alan

Brent Geese - courtesy of Alan
We walked back, I decided to walk on the shingle for a bit and saw 3 Turnstone coming towards me along the shore, they did not see me and passed about 6 feet away, it was a great sensation being that close hearing the noise they made as they hunted among the stones.
Turnstone - Olympus SP590UZ
Although the bird list was short we were treated to a terrific sunset. We returned to the Towers where I was hoping to see one of the Little Owls, however a Kestrel had the caravan rooftops to itself and although dusk had fallen no owls were seen. Also seen on this trip were Carrion Crows, Collared Doves, Black headed Gulls, Herring Gulls, Magpies and a Robin.
Sunset over the fields at Reculver - Olympus SP590UZ

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