Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Hythe Lakes - 24th July 2013

Greylag Goose - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Today I managed to get up to Leybourne Lakes for an hour and have a wander around mainly in search of Odonata and I was not disappointed; birds as expected were quiet and remained hidden most of the time. However we did see a Chiffchaff and a young Robin near the entrance, plenty of Canada and Greylag Geese on Ocean Lake together with a few Mute Swans, all had almost mature young in tow, in addition a couple of Cormorants were on a nearby boat. Seen in the bushes alongside the stream by Ocean Lake were some young Blue Tits and a female Black Cap whilst in the stream some Mallards.

Mallard  - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
In the Conservation Lake were a Heron, some Coots and a couple of Dabchicks, also seen at various points were some Magpies, Wood Pigeons, a Green Woodpecker, Great Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Tufted Ducks and some Moorhens.
Tufted Duck  - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Not a lot I know but my concentration was equally divided between Birds, Butterflies and Odonata so on to the other categories, at the first bridge by Ocean lake were some Comma butterflies whilst among the many Common Blue Damselflies (including three or four ‘homochrome’ forms)were a fair few Banded Demoiselles.
Banded Demoiselle  - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Common Blue Damselfly  - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Common Blue (homochrome) Damselfly - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Alongside The Ocean Lake were Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns, Small Skippers and some Six Spot Burnet Moths whilst at the fork for the Dipping Pond were a couple of Black Tailed Skimmers.
Small Skipper - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens

Small Skipper - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens

Gatekeeper - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Six Spot Burnet Moth - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Black Tailed Skimmer - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
At the Dipping Pool a Migrant Hawker patrolled unceasingly whilst a few Emerald Damselflies flitted among the reeds, another Migrant Hawker was egg laying.
Emerald Damselfly - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
Migrant Hawker Egg Laying - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
On the return route alongside the wood by the Reed Pond a pair of large brown dragonflies were hunting as they were not competing they may have been a pair of Brown Hawkers, but I am not good enough at identification to confirm this, also on this stretch was a Peacock Butterfly.
Peacock Butterfly - Canon 400D + 100-400mm Lens
As always I am happy to learn from my mistakes so please let me know if I have made any identification.
A Baby Coot - not quite the fluffy duckling that Mallards and Tufteds have.


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